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I donate money from kitten sales to help support four missionary family's in four countries. Terence & Christy, Willem, Tai & Xavier Van Dam Missionaries to Japan. Tim & Josie Vickey Missionaries to Malawi Africa and Nathan Edwards Missionary to Kenya East Africa. Nathan has relocated back to the United States this month to continue his Missionary work in the United States we will continue to support Nathan in his new location as soon as we find out where he will be doing his Missionary work. We are please to add a new Missionary Family Mike & Heather Webb The Regional Coordinators for the whole country of Africa. They are located in Tanzania, Africa. All four of these Missionary family's are on assignment with Church of God Ministries headquartered in Anderson, Indiana. Please Join me and pray for these Missionaries as they help tell the Good News Of Jesus Christ.
Please enjoy the write up about each family:

Terence and Christy Snowden Van Dam
Special Assignment Missionaries to Japan
Ministry Focus:

Supporting the ministry of Sei-ai Gakusha (a collection of Christian preschools/community education centers) and serving with Nishi-Kunitachi Church of God.

Christy felt called to full-time ministry during her junior year of high school. She enrolled in Anderson University, where her first missions experience was through a Tri-S trip. In 1992 Christy found herself at the Church of God.

Missionary Board, trusting that God would send her where she needed to be. This turned out to be Japan, where she served as a special assignment missionary, teaching English in a high school and working with a Church of God congregation.

Terence grew up in a Christian home in Western Canada. At a missions festival in his first year of college, he came forward during a call for people who wanted to commit themselves to go into missions, but the decision remained quietly in the back of his mind for some time. After graduating in 1993, he went to Japan to teach English, where he met Christy. They married in 1996. The following year they returned to the United States, where Christy attended Anderson University School of Theology.

Willem was born shortly after Christy graduated. They returned to Japan as SAMs from 2000 to 2003, where they had a teaching ministry in western Tokyo with students ranging from preschool age through adults. In addition, they helped support a local Church of God congregation. Their second son, Tai, was born in Japan in 2002.

In 2003, they returned to the US where Christy directed a child care center and they both served as lay leaders in Southwest Ohio. In 2006, Xavier was born, the family moved to Birmingham, Alabama, where Christy served in full-time ministry as a pastor at Riverchase Community Church. In 2009, they returned to Japan for nine weeks, working in their previous position in western Tokyo. After that experience they could no longer deny that God had more work for them to do in Japan. They returned to Japan in January of 2011 and took up their previous teaching and ministry position.

Birthdays: Christy: August 30; Terence: September 10; Willem: August 26;
Tai: September 20; Xavier: September 27
Anniversary: August 24, 1996


Nathan Edwards
Missionary to Kenya
Ministry Focus:

To counsel students at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, East Africa To provide counseling to missionary kids (MKs) in Africa as needed per the request of regional coordinators.

Nathan was appointed by Global Missions on June 19, 2012, to serve in Kenya as a counselor for students at Rift Valley Academy, a boarding school that a number of Church of God missionary kids have attended over the years. Nathan has a passion for working with missionaries and their families in the field of mental health. He will also use his education in counseling to assist the Church of God in the area of member care of missionary kids (MKs) in Africa.

Nathan is a missionary kid himself, the son of missionaries Bob and Jan Edwards. He was born in Kenya and raised in both Kenya and Germany. He came to the United States to attend Anderson University. After graduation Nathan went on to receive a certificate in theological studies at Providence Seminary in Canada. He earned his master of arts in counseling at Colorado Christian University.

He has developed a passion and a calling for working with missionaries and their families because of his own struggles in navigating the transitions from culture to culture. Upon his re-entry to the United States, Nathan was blessed to have a counselor who understood the life of a missionary kid, and this relationship helped him work through the difficult transition periods of his own life. This formative relationship deeply affected Nathan and has shaped what he desires to do with his life as well.
January 12


Tim & Josie Vickey
Missionary to Malawi
Ministry Focus:

Pastoral and Leadership Development
Literacy Development

Tim and Josie Vickey have ministered in a variety of mission settings through short-term assignments in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Malawi. They graduated from Anderson University School of Theology in 2001, Tim with a master of divinity degree and Josie with a master of theological studies degree. While in seminary, they served as interim pastors at Park Place Church of God in Anderson, Indiana, until 2002 when they accepted the pastoral position at Aina Haina Church of God in Honolulu, Hawaii, where they served for eleven years.

Prior to seminary, Tim spent fifteen years in business and industry and Josie worked as an elementary school teacher. Their passion is to use their experience and education to minister, teach, disciple, and equip leaders with the word of God as they share his love. The Vickeys recently completed an eight-month assignment in Malawi filling in for missionary Tammie Tregellas during her home assignment in the States. Tim and Josie received an official invitation from the national leadership in Malawi to return as missionaries, which they accepted; they are looking forward to returning and working with the Church of God in Malawi.

Tim: December 19
Josie: January 12
August 1, 1987


Mike and Heather Webb
Regional Coordinators for Africa
Ministry Focus:

Serving as regional coordinators in Africa, working with missionaries and national leaders. Assisting with ministry vision and strategy for specific countries and the region.

Mike grew up in the Church of God and at age four went on his first mission trip with his family. He holds a BA in educational ministries with an emphasis in cross-cultural ministry from Huntington College (now University), an MA in missions and intercultural studies from Wheaton College, and a doctorate of intercultural studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is also an ordained minister of the Church of God and served for two years as a pastor in Ohio.

Heather’s call to international ministry came in high school and was confirmed on a mission trip to Haiti. She holds a BS in educational ministries from Huntington College (now University) and an AAS in nursing from University of Cincinnati. Mike and Heather were married in 2000 and are the parents of Madalyn (Maddy).

Mike and Heather served for two years with Global Missions in Southeast Asia as educators at an international Christian school. The Webbs also served for five years in Tanzania, where they worked as administrators for a Church of God tailoring school and revitalized the Theological Education by Extension (TEE) program for the Church of God.

In 2012, the Webbs completed their assignment with Global Missions and began a new ministry at h.e.a.r.t. Institute, where they serve as the academic liaison and public relations coordinator.

Mike and Heather have been appointed as the new regional coordinators for Africa and will be residing in Tanzania.

Birthdays: Mike: June 9; Heather: April 29; Maddy: November 9
Anniversary: December 28