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We are a small cattery located in beautiful Opelika, Alabama.  Our love of Persians was definitely a love at first sight.  There is no other breed quite like them and we absolutely love having them as part of our family.  We are dedicated to breeding healthy, happy, quality cats.  We absolutely love these babies.....who wouldn't.

We breed both Flat Face and Doll Face Persian Kittens in many colors. Some are White Persian Kittens out of our Queen Persian Cats that produce White Persian Kittens with Blue Eyes. We also breed from our grown Persian Cats, Persian Kittens with Copper colored eyes. Some of our Persian Kittens that are born come in a multitude of colors for example: Flame Point Persian Kittens with white body orange ears and tails with Blue Eyes. We Usually have some Calico Persian Kittens for sale we have four Queen Persian Cats that are Calico Persian Cats and produce lots of color in their Persian Kitten Litters. Some of the Persian Kitten Litters have Blue Point Persian Kittens that have bright blue eyes. Some of the Calico Persian Cat Queens produce Van Persian Kittens with Blue Eyes. Our Persian Kittens are CFA Registered with the Cat Fanciers Association. Some of our Persian Cat Queens produce solid Black Persian Kittens with Copper eyes and sometimes Persian Kittens solid black with green eyes. Some of our Persian Cat Queens produce Seal Point Persian Kittens with Blue Eyes. We have five Stud Cats that we use in our Persian Cat breeding program. Monty Blu is a Blue Point Himalayan Persian Cat, Harley Bear is a Blue Persian Cat, Louis is a Black and White Himalayan Persian Cat, Freska is a Blue Persian Cat and usually produces a Persian Cat litter that are half Blue Persian Kittens with copper eyes and half of the Persian Cat litter will be solid white Persian Kittens with Blue Eyes. Snow Boys Pride is another one of our Solid White Persian stud cats that produces solid white Persian Kittens when we breed him to our Queen Persian Cat Snowbilla. The litter usually has Solid White Persian Kitten baby's some with blue eyes and some with copper eyes. On rare occasions we have a solid white Persian Kitten born with odd eyes one blue eye and one green eye they are very pretty and usually sell very fast.

This is my passion, the love of the Persian cat!  All of my kittens are PDK, FELV/FIV and FIP negative.  I keep the number of cats in my breeding program to a minimum so that all of my Persian Kittens can get the proper love and attention each one needs to grow up to be social, lovable and special in every way.

In order to achieve healthy kittens I feed the best foods possible and spare no expense on their care.  My daughter is a veterinarian and does all the vaccinations and testing of the cattery breeders.  She checks on the cattery cats and kittens on a daily basis and provides medical attention when needed to all cats and kittens in our cattery.

 Each kitten receives three sets of vaccinations and has a health record that goes with kitten when you purchase your new addition to your forever home. Each kitten comes with a twenty seven page Persian kitten information manual to help you take good care of your CFA registered Persian Kitten.

Our goal at our cattery is to breed for sweet temperaments and qualities to best meet the CFA Persian standard.  My cats are show quality  cats and/or loving pets

                      Please enjoy your visit and come back soon!